ZiP .22 L.R. Ver. 1.0 Blue
Frame Color: Blue
Control Color: Black
Caliber: 22 L.R.
Barrel Length: 5.25"
Frame: 5.9"
Avg. Height: 3.1"
Approx. Width: 1.2"
Approx. Weight: 0.95 lbs.
Product Bar Code Number: 896213002708
MSRP: $229.99

ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Deluxe Rail Bundle-BLUE 1060 Pelican
ZiP Ghost Rail Standard Fixed Sight
ZiP Rail Bundle
ZiP Std. Fixed Sight Rail
ZiPNite Rail
ZiP™ Operator Upgrades
BattleZiP Survival SBR
ZiP 100% Life Kit
ZiP Action Hold Back
ZiP Belt Clip
ZiP Mag ZX-10 Round Compliant 10+10
ZiP Mag ZX-15 Round Compliant 15+10
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Complete Factory upgrade
ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP MAXIM Orange Action Hold Back
ZiP MAXIM Orange Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade Kit for BX-25
ZiP Suppressor Barrel Kit
ZiP Upgrade Kit ver. 1.0.1 aka Version 101 Kit
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ Compatible Accessories
ZiP™ uses 10/22® Mags… you already own… even the new BX-25
Picture to show the placement of the Ruger® BX-1 Magazine.

What Comes in the Box?
Each Unit Ships with a Random Color Sticker
Above: the cover of the manual is shown.

Designed + Engineered + Made in USA.
US + Foreign Patents Pending.

The ZiP™.22 Long Rifle Ver. 1.0 Blue


The next generation of future weapons in a light, compact form factor. Simple in design, ZiP™ is a new Modular Weapons System, delivering amazing features with performance and upgradeability. With a near unlimited service life - you will experience The Future of Fun™ and a great day at the range. Camping, hiking, exploring the world -  ZiP™ adapts to any mission.

ZiP™ - What's your mission?

Exceptionally affordable and with more features and functionality than any weapon ever delivered to date. 

The ZiP™.22 L.R. brings a whole new meaning to the term gun of the future.

The Future of Fun …and a great day at the range. The X-box generation finally has a gun of their own.

ZiP™ delivers a long sought after vision of “X-box” gamers and advanced weapon enthusiasts not possible until now. A futuristic weapons system where the unique arrangement of the principal components enables overall compactness and results in a new form factor. Multiple platform enhancements including the ZiPPIC™ Rail, ZiPNite™ Rail -or- the ZiPSBR™ Rail allow attachment of ZiP™ to your AR. (Approved ATF Form 1 Permit Required.) This makes ZiP™ The Future of Fun™ while delivering the compelling new “ZiP-Action” at an incredible value.

ZiP™ has a new and efficient form factor which makes possible the new ZiP-Action™ and 5 safeties, including a traditional cross-bolt trigger safety, a new modern sear safety improved by the development of a new linear trigger, and no winding trigger bar (also eliminating any dependency on the tiny coil spring in the rear of those dated striker designs) and lastly, a striker block which remains closed for nearly all of the trigger travel – opposite of all modern striker guns – making ZiP™ one of the most advanced platforms ever offered.

These improvements will have significant benefits for future ZiP™ family weapons design and delivering unmatched value to consumers.

ZIP.22 Long Rifle Blue
ZIP.22 Long Rifle Blue
ZIP.22 Long Rifle Blue
ZIP.22 Long Rifle Blue

Shown above: ZiP™ version 1.0 with standard fixed sight top also functions as your Fire Control Indicator (FCI) which gives constant feedback as to the charged condition status of the striker. The no tools removal of the standard top exposes the (8) hard point attachments for swap out to the ZiPPIC™ Rail or ZiPSBR™ Raill or even the ZiPNite™ Rail where provision is made for use of Tritium Night Sights. User choice ambi-charging, with unlimited restrike and chamber check system - all standard. The top also includes take down (std hex) wrench storage and the top itself functions as your wrench for barrel removal.

Upgrade for Ruger BX-25 Magazine
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Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Inc.
Chattanooga Shooting Supply, Inc.
Ellett Brothers
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Suppressor Upgrade Kit

What Can ZiP™ Do? - A Lot!
ZiP with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP™ with New Action Hold Back and Belt Clip attached.

ZiP Gun with optional accessories

Above: ZiP™ Gun BlueZiP™ Alien Grey, and ZiP™ Gun Coyote.

ZiP Mag ZX-30
ZiP with ZiPPic Rail
ZiP with ZiPNite Rail
ZiP with ZiPSBR Rail
BattleZiP shown in storage position.
BattleZiP™ shown in storage position.
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